2023 has come and gone. While it’s been a crazy and long year, it’s been rather slow for FDD. Mostly because of behind the scenes stuff and IRL stuff taking over. Never the less, we do have some things to share with you.



Firstly, we would like to remind everyone that Starting January 2024, we will no longer be releasing and maintaining Minecraft mods for Multiple versions of Minecraft. We will now be following other creators with the Latest + 1 Snapshot approach, which means that we will only actively develop 1 stable release of minecraft, and one upcoming release. Read the full announcement HERE


Next, we would like to recap on our previous announcement this year about Behind The Scenes changes. Read the full blog entry HERE


New Staff Members

We would like to welcome j00w33 to our team. j00w33 helps out with support queries, documentation and testing. We are happy to have them aboard!


Simple Discord Link v3

After months of development, impatient users and impatient developers (Hypherion), we have finally released V3 beta of Simple Discord Link.

So far the mod has been stable enough and has about 95% less issues than the old v2 release. There are still some pending bug fixes and open feature requests to implement, before we go to a stable release. Hopefully early in 2024. Please note that SDLink V3 is excluded from the new development policy mentioned above, until June 2024


Introducing Flint Loader

Remember the days of Liteloader? Wish you could use Client side mods on vanilla servers, without having to worry about if the mod will work or not? Don’t want all the overhead of forge/fabric/quilt/neoforge?

Try out Flint Loader. Now available for developers and players in early alpha. Learn more at


NeoForge Support

Yes we know, we know. NEO FORGE BEST FORGE. Jokes aside, support for NeoForge will be implemented early in January 2024. For now, we will continue supporting Forge (or lexforge) for a while, until we see a massive drop in users, after which, lexforge will be dropped.


New Snapshots Platform

Those that have been paying attention would’ve noticed, we no longer push Snapshot (or development builds) to Jenkins.

Instead, we launched a brand new platform codenamed NightBloom. This platform is like a “wish” version of Curseforge/Modrinth, providing the basics to help you find what you need.


If you haven’t seen it yet, check it our at



Wrap Up

So far, we have no major plans for 2024, other than NeoForge support and the continued development of Flint Loader. We have no solid plans for growths infrastructure wise, or for any major new projects. Instead, we will be spending time on improving the existing tools, mods, infrastructure and software.


We would once again like to thank all our users, supporters, donators, testers and just all the general people that hang out with us. You guys are amazing, and we hope you have a very happy holiday.