2023 Behind The Scenes News and Updates

Earlier this year, we set up a Roadmap of all the things we would like to achieve this year. While we are only in the 5th month of 2023, we have actually accomplished a LOT from that roadmap. Most of you may have noticed that we don’t push out mod updates as much anymore, and […]

What’s that smell? Oh… It’s another crappy game by a wanna-be game dev

Jokes aside, yes, this is a game announcement post. Earlier this year in our 2023 roadmap, we announced that we will be announcing a game, with a playable alpha later this year. Well, this isn’t that post quite yet. Instead, this is a pre-alpha, dev build of that very game, that can actually be used […]

2023 Roadmap

So, 2023 is in full swing, and this year, we really want to grow First Dark Dev as both a modding studio and independent game developer/publisher. While nothing is ever easy, and money will always be a problem, the first step is a plan of action, and working towards the goals of those plans! Overall […]

2022 – A Year in Review

2022 was quite the year for everyone. For some people, it was a great year, for others, a terrible year, but for us at First Dark Development, it’s been quite an adventure. We started 2022 on a hard note, with Curseforge payouts being so low, that we couldn’t even afford the two VPS servers we […]