2023 – A Year In Review

2023 has come and gone. While it’s been a crazy and long year, it’s been rather slow for FDD. Mostly because of behind the scenes stuff and IRL stuff taking over. Never the less, we do have some things to share with you.     Firstly, we would like to remind everyone that Starting January […]

Development Changes Effective 1 Jan 2024

For those who do not want to read the entire post, there is a TLDR; at the end of the page.   As mentioned earlier today on Discord, we (FDD or rather Hypherion) will have a new development policy, taking effect on the 1st of January 2024, as well as on any new mods released […]

The day Claptrack lost his Mind

At around 19:04 (UTC), Claptrack suffered a catastrophic malfunction, that made him quite literally loose his mind. In a matter of seconds, Claptrack wiped out his entire database. Yes, the entire thing. All tracked projects, all server settings, gone. Like the bot was brand new and never used.   In this post we will explain […]

2023 Behind The Scenes News and Updates

Earlier this year, we set up a Roadmap of all the things we would like to achieve this year. While we are only in the 5th month of 2023, we have actually accomplished a LOT from that roadmap. Most of you may have noticed that we don’t push out mod updates as much anymore, and […]

What’s that smell? Oh… It’s another crappy game by a wanna-be game dev

Jokes aside, yes, this is a game announcement post. Earlier this year in our 2023 roadmap, we announced that we will be announcing a game, with a playable alpha later this year. Well, this isn’t that post quite yet. Instead, this is a pre-alpha, dev build of that very game, that can actually be used […]

2023 Roadmap

So, 2023 is in full swing, and this year, we really want to grow First Dark Dev as both a modding studio and independent game developer/publisher. While nothing is ever easy, and money will always be a problem, the first step is a plan of action, and working towards the goals of those plans! Overall […]

2022 – A Year in Review

2022 was quite the year for everyone. For some people, it was a great year, for others, a terrible year, but for us at First Dark Development, it’s been quite an adventure. We started 2022 on a hard note, with Curseforge payouts being so low, that we couldn’t even afford the two VPS servers we […]