Jokes aside, yes, this is a game announcement post. Earlier this year in our 2023 roadmap, we announced that we will be announcing a game, with a playable alpha later this year.

Well, this isn’t that post quite yet. Instead, this is a pre-alpha, dev build of that very game, that can actually be used for testing and feedback.

Introducing, the “Untitled Horror Game”… No, that’s not actually the name, I just haven’t decided on the name yet…. Lazy, I know, I know.


This is a very early draft of the game. A prototype if you will. You will have about 10-30 minutes of gameplay, depending on your skills. Nothing is final, not even the GUI. It was just made functional enough for prototype testing. If you go into this expecting the next big Elden Ring, then don’t… Because it’s not. This is my version of Hello World for Game Development.

Anyway, this game is set in an old abandoned mental asylum, following a global pandemic (NO! NOT COVID!). This game will eventually become a horror, survival and adventure game all-in-one. For now, you have a couple of objectives to complete, and some stuff to explore, but don’t expect an hour worth of game play. As mentioned, this a dev build.

System Requirements

The game isn’t optimized at all yet, but surprisingly doesn’t require that much resources.

CPU: Intel Core i3 (any gen) or later, or AMD FX-8520 or later

Ram: 2GB should be enough. The game uses about 1GB to run

GPU: Nvidia GTX 750 (2GB) or later

Disk Space: About 2GB

Internet: No…. Only to download. THIS IS A SINGLE PLAYER GAME DAMMIT!

OS: Windows 7 or later (Linux builds coming with the alpha release)

And now, the good part. You can download and test this game for free (and the release will be free as well). You can download it from our CDN SERVER.

Please provide us with feedback on our discord server!